Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Power of a Good Word on your Work

When I first thought of attempting writing a novel, my first test was impressing my wife and my father.
Upon completing THE GAZE, I figured if I manage to evoke an emotional response from my linear-thinking, frank, and overly practical wife, I was onto something.  I also figured that if I'm able to meet my dad's high standards, I was also onto something.
After a slew of corrections, I managed to do just that.  My wife not only reacted to the journey of Samantha Reddick with tears and laughter, she also became heavily, emotionally invested.  As an added bonus, my dad became my biggest fan.  Okay, so he became Samantha's biggest fan a bit more.
Having surpassed this initial hurdly, I braved the response of a small circle of readers, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.
It gave me much confidence and inspired me to do even better, but I also kept in the back of my head, that these people were dear friends, and a cynical part of me thought they might be humoring me.
So when the story worked its way into the hands of people I've yet to meet, who have messaged me to tell me how they loved the story, I was humbled and utterly overwhelmed. 
Recently I was asked what I wanted to accomplish in my writing and my response was simple, yet truthful, I wanted to write something that would be remembered long after the closing of the back cover.  I wanted to create a character with whom people identified, connected, and sympathized.
You writers out there, isn't it amazing the power of a few good words on your work have? 
I found that there's nothing I love more than talking to a reader who's speechless in an effort to express just what a novel you wrote did for them.  I consider it a great responsibility to a reader, to write something worth reading.  I've realized just how paramount that responsibility really is.
My goal was for one, ONE person to read my novel, and like it.  ONE good word about my writing was enough to reward me for all the hours spent at the keyboard for so long.
I'm happy to say that THE GAZE has done that and more, and I dare dream just how far it may go.
Those encouraging words and amazing comments will keep me writing for the rest of my life.
Happy Writing Everyone!

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