Wednesday, May 2, 2012


"Let me introduce you to my friend Javier A. Robayo, author of THE GAZE"

With that tweet, my new friend from all the way in Australia unknowingly earned himself a devout blog follower, facebook friend, and staunch supporter.  It was a great gesture from someone I may never meet in person.  And so goes the world of the social network. 
I can now call dear friends to people I've only read about, or shared a few tweets with.  It's incredible really.
In less than 140 characters, we've exchanged ideas, shared opinions, expressed our support, provided encouragement, and even laughed and cried a little.
Be conscious of how far a few words can go, be cautious with their power.
A talented writer with nearly 30,000 followers somehow took the opportunity to retweet the work of a new author of very small stature (yours truly) gaining my gratitude and respect. She showed me what a rewarding task it is to push forth the work of others in similar situations.
I came across an incredible writing voice who thought no one out there cared.  A few comments sparked a roaring flame of inspiration and this wonderful lady continues to weave gold onto the screen, knowing I will enjoy her every word. 
That's why we write, isn't it?  We write for that one person that's going to read and take something from your words. 
I may be wrong but making money, writing the next Hollywood blockbuster, topping the bestsellers list, shouldn't be the goal, but the result of having found that one person whose praise of our work starts a contagion of interest.  When the work is good, it inevitably floats.  When the work is bad, it never surfaces.  I've learned to never underestimate a reader.  Anyone who reads, has an intellect, and no one takes kindly to anyone insulting that intellect.
They're more powerful than we think, despite our collective penchant for composing entire epics out of them. 
It's the smallest clusters of words that make big impressions. 
Just when I begin feeling that no one is out there willing to read a few words I write, I'm pleasantly shocked when I see something retweeted, or something commented on.  Just like that the wind pushes the sails again, and I remember that I decided to write with one simple goal in mind, to give something back to that one person who devoted a few minutes to read what I wrote.  I want to let them know that their time was well spent, and I will always offer a thank you and a word of friendship to those who take the time to grace me with a comment.
They mean everything in this medium.  Use them well.

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