Thursday, September 20, 2012


   This blog is all about the writing process and the evolution of an author.  As many of you know, it's not always a step forward.  There are several setbacks, and one of them is the reason for this post.
   Some time ago, another author asked to read THE GAZE.  When the author was through, I received an email like no other. 
   Thankfully (I think), I was given a lot of credit for my writing mechanics and other elements that may have softened the blow.  GAZE is not a story that will connect with everyone brave enough to read it, after all.  
   One of the things the author brought to my attention was my reference to certain song lyrics.  After consulting with my friends and supporters, I decided to stop publication of GAZE and NEXT CHAPTER in order to take the necessary steps to lower any risk of copyright issues. 
   I credited the song lyrics to their respective musicians, thinking that it was more than enough.  After all, I'm not trying to sell the music.  I was merely trying to give the story a musical aspect.
   I take full responsibility for my ignorance in copyright matters, and therefore I will do what I have to do.  
   The timing could not have been worse.  My closest friends know what a trying period my family and I are getting through, but that's no excuse.
   GAZE and NEXT CHAPTER will be re-published once I have the blessing from my incomparable copy editor.  
   Speaking of blessings, I'm grateful for the support of so many readers who found a connection to my characters, my stories, and I owe everyone who invested the time in reading my long novel.  
   There are no hard feelings towards my fellow author, who spent quite a bit of time on that email, and as difficult as it was to get through it, I'm glad I have the chance to fix a few issues.  I'm grateful for the input, the evaluation, and the advice.  I'm just sorry she hated the story so much and it's beyond me why she even finished reading it.
   I apologize to each and every person out there who has an interest in reading my novels, for this interruption in publication.  Please know that I'm working as hard as I can to make this only a blip in time and nothing more.

   Javier A. Robayo


  1. Copyright issues can be hairy. Hope it all gets worked out smoothly.

    1. Thank you,Sonia, I have it all ironed out and I can't wait to republish, now older and wiser on copyright matters. Phew! =)