Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mentions @Version 2.0

   Some 45 days ago, I composed a blog, thanking some wonderful tweeps for their support.  Gratitude, like many human gestures, needs upgraded and upgraded often.
    Once I started writing THE GAZE, I felt it was important to never forget how it all started and so I launched Out of the Mind... and dedicated it to this journey.  I remember jumping for joy the first time I saw a 10 on the view count.  I don't know 10 people that would read my blog, so it was very significant, and I literally jumped up and clicked my heels a few times.  
   In any endeavor we take, we have only two choices, we improve, or we lose interest and move on to something else.  The latter happens when there's a lack of support.  The former, is a must, when suddenly your view count jumps and you realize you're now blogging for an audience.  And this is where these people come in.  Most, if not all of them, excellent authors who have taken the time to stop by and RT my blog.  Feel free to click on their names and I highly recommend you follow them, if you don't already.
   In the beginning it was easy to profusely thank my supporters until suddenly no less than 30 people visited the blog and even left a few comments.  I love tweeting on a one on one basis, but it's time I acknowledge my friends once more.
   @BertCarson one of my favorite authors ever, channeled me into the atmosphere of several authors who always seem to go out of their way to support my blog.  There are many, and may God forgive me if I miss one or more.  His lovely wife @CarsonCanada has been kind in her comments and encouragement, just as the admirable @jvonbargen whose poetry is second to none.  @JanRomes and I have exchanged some laughs over our writing woes, and immensely enjoyed each other's work.  @Clive_SJohnson @CalebPirtle @jackdrsm @stephenwoodfin @dla1950 @laurazera @magdaoichawska @PendragonDan @hobbinb @Claudenougat left encouraging comments on my blogs, one of them lamenting, and accepting, a not so favorable review. 
   @TeresaCadena left an encouraging message for me in our mother tongue which was very special to me.  Talk about a reminder of where I came from...
   The enigmatic @ketadiablo along with @SayBumpandTweet @rsguthrie @RChazzChute @JChaseNovelist @AlanaEWoods @OscarSparrow @CarolynArnold @greentamarind @FCEtier  @KimberlysTips have also pushed my blog and little do they know how thankful I am each time I see they took the time to promote something I wrote.  It means much more than any of you could possibly imagine.
   @DigitalBKToday @KindlBookreview and the @MasqCrew are tweeps that make me think there are entire groups convening to read my blog, making me feel not only important, but also very aware of what I commit to the blog.
   And of course, some my first tweeps, the lovely @CassidyJonesAdv the naughty and talented @gabdeveraux my newbie friend @kristi_ayers the courageous @EmmaCalin the very sweet @KayeVincent the hardworking @BethLynne1 and of course, my good friends @ChristinesWords and the one and only @KafeCastro and with the best name ever, the wonderful @PatriciaParis1 and also the savvy @JoanneWadsworth along with the witty @SerenaAkeroyd
   Last perhaps, but most definitely not least, @momilp whom I respect greatly, and the mysterious @LanieMalone whose talent is forcing me to go to sleep with the light on.
   At present, there are 1206 people who hopefully feel I have something to offer and I wish I could go on and name each one, even the office furniture tweep.  
   I hope you accept this as a huge THANK YOU for all the support that has made it possible to see three digits in the view count of my blog posts pretty consistently.  
   Sometimes, being a writer is not enough to mold the perfect sentiment in our language.  "Thank you" seems so trite...
   I wish all of you to enjoy the success each of you deserves.  I've been learning from you, drawing courage from your comments, and marveling at your interest in my posts.  In this long journey we've decided to take, I hope you know I'll do the best I can to be a good companion and hope I can convey how grateful I am for each of you.

a note for the inner editor residing in all of us: the commas between the @yournames severely detracted from the aesthetic quality of this piece, and that's why they were omitted, but fear not, I'm still a strong believer in the power of the Oxford Comma, and we constantly do battle on the edits of my novels.


  1. WOW! How long did it take you to put all those Twitter links in there?

    Nice testament to the power of social media. Happy Karma Day!

  2. I started working on it all early this morning, it was a pleasure to do it, but man, there's a lot of you! lol Wouldn't trade you for anything though!

  3. Javier, you are an amazing person. Thank you for including me. You're certainly on my list of faves. I am very glad to have met you, and I cannot believe for as many times as I've been on your blog that I have failed to "follow." Rectified. :)

  4. You bring such warmth to the sense of detachment that social media too often fosters.Thank you, Javier.

  5. I commend you for knowing just how to keep both feet on the ground, when other would be flying high. You're making me want to join Twitter!